What problems should be paid attention to during the operation of current transformers?

① The secondary side of the current transformer must not be open during operation. Once the secondary side is open, it will burn out due to excessive iron loss and high temperature, or increase the voltage of the secondary winding and cause insulation breakdown.

Risk of high-voltage electric shock. Therefore, when changing the meter, such as changing the ammeter, active meter, reactive meter, etc., the current loop should be short-circuited before the metering meter is replaced. When the meter is adjusted, first set it

Connect the secondary circuit and then remove the short wiring and check whether the meter is normal.

②If sparks are found when the short-circuit connection is removed, and the current transformer has been opened at this time, it should be re-short-circuited immediately, and the short-circuit connection can be removed only when it is found that there is no open circuit in the metering instrument loop.

line. When removing the short circuit of the current transformer, you should stand on the insulating pad. In addition, you should consider disabling the protection device of the current transformer circuit. After the work is completed, the protection device

put into service.

③If the current transformer has a buzzing noise, check whether the internal iron core is loose, and the iron core bolts can be tightened. (3) One end of the secondary side of the current transformer, and the shell must be reliably grounded.

④When the insulation resistance of the secondary side coil of the current transformer is less than 10-20 megohms, it must be dried to restore the insulation before it can be used.


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