High Precision Toroidal Current Transformer

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    Product Description:

    High Precision Toroidal Current Transformer is designed for current measurement or microcomputer protection, and it can be used in complete sets of equipment for AC 35kV, 24kV and 10kV and below power systems. It features its semicircular ring core and secondary winding, which are cast in flame-retardant plastic housings using high-quality epoxy.



    During the installation of this High Precision Toroidal Current Transformer, the two semi-circular rings are clamped on the cable tightly with the hoop ,Integrated with cable, harmonious,stable and beautiful. This transformer has the advantages of high capacity, high grade accuracy, and good anti-pollution and humidity protection. It can provide you consistent performance and quality, so you can rest assured to purchase.


    LMZK1 series as blow is the split core(open) type :

    Model Size(mm)  ID×OD×H Weight(kg)
    LMZK1-10 Φ55×Φ112×H32 0.7
    LMZK2-10 Φ55×Φ112×H53 1.2
    LMZK3-10 Φ55×Φ112×H105 Single:2.3   double:2.4
    LMZK4-10 Φ73×Φ110×H32 0.8
    LMZK5-10 Φ75×Φ136×H80 1.2
    LMZK6-10 Φ100×Φ150×H80 Contact to know
    LMZK7-10 Φ120×Φ188×H75 Contact to know
    LMZK8-10 Φ160×Φ250×H80 Contact to know
    LMZC1 series as below is bushing ct ,can not be open.
    LMZC1-10 Φ45×Φ100×H40 0.82
    LMZC2-10 Φ45×Φ100×H80 2.12
    LMZC3-10 Φ82×Φ130×H40 0.98
    LMZC4-10 Φ82×Φ130×H87 2.3
    LMZC5-10 Φ45×Φ130×H100 Contact to know

    Above products can be terminal, or can also be with the lead wire. Contact us to get more details, thanks!

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