Power Current Protection CT

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    Product Description:

    Power current transformer ct.



    Power: 5W, or more

    Input current :0-1500A

    Rated frequency:50 or 60HZ

    Starting primary current :10A

    Output voltage:12V

    Power-frequency withsand voltage:3KV 1min

    Ambient temperature:-15℃ to 40℃,daily average temperature not more than 30℃


    Below is for 120mm hole size detail.


    power current protection ct


    Note: when ordering , make clear the following parameters:

    1. CT power requirements
    2. Rated output voltage requirements
    3. The normal working current and maximum working current of the line
    4. The line diameter of a single input line.


    Why choose us?

    1. Cores all is produced by ourselves, and to test the performance of core. Finished product will be test by instrument transformer calibrator. If find defective if can be rework , will be rework, if not as wasters.
    2. We own one strong R&D and QC team,and 100%quality inspection is performed before delivery.
    3. Have the ability to do OEM/ODM to meet clients’ requirements.

    Zhikai has been making iron core for more than 20 years by ourselves;  has been making CTs in China for 10 years.

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