Protection CT with Power Current

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    Product Description:

    High precision toroidal current transformer is for current measurement or microcomputer protection. Epoxy resin pouring in the plastic casing is adopted by ring structure iron core

    and secondary winding , which is moisture-resistant with stable performance and maintenance free.



    1.Its Semicircular ring core and secondary winding

    2.Fixed in the cable chamber of loop-network switch cabinet, and it simply needs to pass the cable through the inner hole during installation, which is simple ,convenient and good-locking.

    3.It is used for the 35mm²-400mm² 10kV to 35kV cable.

    4.Terminal , or can also be with the lead wire.



    Below LMZK series is the split core(can be opened):

    Model Size(mm)  ID×OD×H Weight(kg)
    LMZK1-10 Φ55×Φ112×H32 0.7
    LMZK2-10 Φ55×Φ112×H53 1.2
    LMZK3-10 Φ55×Φ112×H105 Single:2.3   double:2.4
    LMZK4-10 Φ73×Φ110×H32 0.8
    LMZK5-10 Φ75×Φ136×H80 1.2
    LMZK6-10 Φ100×Φ150×H80 Contact to know
    LMZK7-10 Φ120×Φ188×H75 Contact to know
    LMZK8-10 Φ160×Φ250×H80 Contact to know
    Below LMZC series bushing type CT, can not be opened.
    LMZC1-10 Φ45×Φ100×H40 0.82
    LMZC2-10 Φ45×Φ100×H80 2.12
    LMZC3-10 Φ82×Φ130×H40 0.98
    LMZC4-10 Φ82×Φ130×H87 2.3
    LMZC5-10 Φ45×Φ130×H100 Contact to know


    Note: The current Ratio above are common type, other specifications such as 5p20 bushing ct for protection with power current can be provided according to customers’ requirements.




    Widely are used in compact fully insulated ring net switch cabinets, and also used in the combined substation and cable distribution box.

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