Wound Split Core

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     Product Description:

    Wound split core is made of  Cold-rolled oriented silicon steel sheet, that is widely used in the electrical equipment. Producing the silicon steel sheet iron cores with different sizes.



    100% inspection for the cores.

    The customer can choose any size of transformer and parameter requirements.We design the core according to the parameters.

    OEM designs are available for satisfying your unique need.



    The direction of the flux path winding, the cross section is rectangle. The window is rectangle, completely close path, no magnetic leakage so its magnetic performance is best.


    Note: Each core is tested ,then choose the proper cores to make current transformers. We have been in cores for about 20years. Wound cores are sold domestic market, praised for its quality.




    Transformer, induction heating,inverter welding machine, Power Supply System.

    Various high frequency switching mode power supplies;

    laser power supplies,communication power supplies;

    UPS,high frequency induction heating power supplies;

    Charging power supplies;

    Electrolytic plating power supplies etc.

    Instrument current transformer cores.Bushing current transformer for epoxy resin cast.  Insulated or oil-immersed switch-gears, power system, relay protection system , power monitoring devices.




    Corrosion preventive paper, then to carton (inside) , steel belt, wooden or plastic pallet (outside) , is suitable for long sea transportation.

    We have the workers who can pack the goods well.wound split core


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