2 Core Current Transformer

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    Product Introduction

    2 Core Current Transformer has fine workmanship, high strength and rigidity. Instead of using plastic cover, it uses epoxy resin to achieve better flame retardancy and insulation properties. Its core materials is silicon steel sheet, and its cutting surface is smooth. This transformer also has low power consumption and high precision silicon steel core.



    2 Core Current Transformer is mainly used in indoor AC circuits as current, electrical energy measurement or relay protection. It takes anti-theft electricity design, and there are fixing screws and top cover with small holes, which can add their own seals to prevent others from stealing electricity, thus increasing security.


    Wring diagrams:

    0.5 class ct wring diagrams



    Model Primary current(A) Size(mm) ID×OD×H Weight(kg)
    LMZK1-10 300-600A Φ55×Φ112×H32 0.7
    LMZK2-10 50-600A Φ55×Φ112×H53 1.2
    LMZK3-10 30-600A Φ55×Φ112×H105 Single:2.3 double:2.4
    LMZK4-10 300-600A Φ73×Φ110×H32 0.8
    LMZK5-10 50-600A Φ75×Φ136×H80 1.2
    LMZK6-10 50-3000A Φ100×Φ150×H80 Contact to know
    LMZK7-10 50-3000A Φ120×Φ188×H75 Contact to know
    LMZK8-10 50-3000A Φ180×Φ250×H80 Contact to know

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