LXK 80 100 200 Split Core Current Transformer

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    roduct Description:

    The series of current transformer is suitable for indoor use. Rated frequency 50Hz or 60Hz, used for three-phase cable grounding protection in rated voltage 35kV and below low grounding current system. It can also be used with relays.

    During installation, the current transformer can be divided into two parts, and then merged into one, and held tightly with a hoop. It can be installed without power off.

    The primary insulation of the current transformer is guaranteed by the cable. The insulation performance of the secondary winding is only tested. The voltage resistance of the secondary winding to the ground is 3KV per minute.



    The iron core is ring-shaped and cast in resin. The secondary winding wounds round the core the diameter of internal hole of the core is 80/100/120/160/180/200/240/300mm, which is used for cables to cross through.



    1. Power factor of load: COSΦ=0.8(Lagging).

    2. Frequency: 50/60Hz

    3. Ambient Temp.: -5℃~+40℃, daily average temp.≤30℃

    4. Altitude: ≤1000m

    4. Installation site: indoor

    Schematic diag



    Overall Dimension drawing form:


    Model No. A B C H φd φD
     LXK-φ80 110 90 56 185 80 165
     LXK-φ100 110 90 56 205 100 185
     LXK-φ120 110 90 56 225 120 205
     LXK-φ150 150 90 56 270 150 235
     LXK-φ180 150 90 56 300 180 265
     LXK-φ200 220 100 56 370 200 305
     LXK-φ240 220 120 80 415 240 348
     LXK-φ300 220 120 80 452 300 421

    split core current transfomer

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