Three Phase Current Transformer for 10kV

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    Product Description:

    The combined bushing current transformer is suitable for current measurement and protection of distribution equipment in 35KV or 11KV  AC power system. It is used to the measurement and protection of the three-phase current and the zero sequence current for the three-phase bushings and the zero sequence current for the loops of the several cable .


    Usage: Current

    Phase:Double or Three

    Coil Structure: Toroidal , ring core bushing current transformer.

    Material: Silicon Steel Sheet core

    Epoxy resin type.



    AC Two Phase

    ABC Three Phase

    AC Two Phase and Zero sequence CT

    ABC Three Phase and Zero sequence CT


    Model LSY4-10/107
    Purpose Measuring current transformer Protection current transformer  Double winding current transformer
    Ratio Acc.class and rated burden(VA Acc.class and rated burden(VA Compostie acc.class and rated burden(VA
    0.2S 0.2 0.5 10P10 10P15 10P20 0.2S 0.5 10P15 10P10
    75     1         1    
    100     2.5         1    
    150     2.5 2.5       1.5    
    200   2.5 2.5 5       2.5   5
    300 2.5 2.5 5 5       2.5   5
    400 5 5 5 7.5       5   7.5
    500 5 5 10 10       5   10
    600 5 10 10 10       5   10
    800 10 10 10 10       5   10

    Rated current ratio, accuracy and rated load burden as shown in the above table, rated secondary current is 5A or 1A.

    three phase current transformer for 10kv

    Note: The current Ratio above are common type, other specifications can be provided according to customers’ requirements.



    Widely are used in compact fully insulated ring net switch cabinets, and also used in the combined substation and cable distribution box.


    Inner box, outer carton, wooden pallet or plastic pallet

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