Accauiring Energy Current Transformer

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    Product Description:

    Power supply for high-voltage side lines from medium and high-voltage bus to obtain electric energy was designed. The power induced from line, it is accauiring energy current transformer.



    1. small volume, stable performance,high output sensitivity, stable saturation point.

    2. Split-core shielding insulation wrapped around it.

    3. With a secondary shielding insulation layer wrapped with a secondary shielding insulation layer.

    4. Winding on the iron core


    Zhikai ,we own one strong R&D and QC team continues to innovate new solutions for customers in the area of Smart Grid Industry all covering distribution, Saving&Protecting&Metering Electricity, and Power System.



    zero sequence current transformer 6

    Note: Energing current ct, other specifications can be provided according to customers’ requirements


    The iron core of the power supply winding and the iron core shielding insulation layer, the secondary coil and the secondary shielding insulation outside are wrapped and tied up on the fixing bracket.The two end insulating leads of the taking winding 4 are respectively connected with two terminals of the taking resistance. The secondary wires are respectively drawn to the outside of the pouring body and connected with two secondary terminals 12, namely S1 and S2. The resistance package is provided with a buffer layer.



    Inner box, outer carton, pallet

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