DSC Low Voltage Current Transformer

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    Product Description:

    DSC Low Voltage Current Transformer can convert a large value of primary current into a smaller value of secondary current by a certain ratio, which can be used for protection, measurement, etc. Its structure is fully enclosed, and it has the advantages of good mechanical properties, high corrosion resistance, strong voltage isolation, and easy vertical installation. It uses special grade resin, which takes up little space.



    DSC Low Voltage Current Transformer features small, bus-bar mounting, and it has different inner hole size, allowing clamping of cables, or bus-bars. It has the advantages of plastic case, low voltage current transformer, and low cost. This transformer can provide you consistent performance and quality, so you can rest assured to purchase.


    Technical Parameters

    Rated Frequency : 50-60Hz

    Rated Test Voltage: 3kv Ac.(1min)

    Rated short-time thermal current (Ith): 60In

    Rated dynamic current (Idyn): 2.5Ith

    Rated voltage(Um): 0.72Kv Ac.

    Continuous overload(Id): 1.2In

    Operating temperature: -10 ~ 50

    Housing self-extinguising class: VO

    Safety factor: FS 5

    Secondary current : 5A/1A




    msq 40 60 100 85 125


    Inner paper box, outer carton

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