Electrictiy-taking Current Transformer

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    技术参数 Technical data

    电流互感器参数 Parameters of current transformer

    项目 Project 参数 Parameters
    温度环境 Temperature environment -10°C 55°C
    日均温度 Average daily temperature w40
    海拔高度Altitude w1000m
    防水等级 Waterproof grade IP68
    额定频率 Rated frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    功率因数Power factor COS =0.8(滞后 lagging)
    工频耐压 Power frequency withstand voltage 3kV 1min
    最大持续负荷电流 Max. continuous load current 1000A
    唤醒电流 Awakening current 10-15A
    电源模块参数 Parameters of power module
    项目 Project 参数 Parameters
    温度环境 Temperature environment -20°C~70°C
    输入频率 input frequency 47-63HZ
    输入电压Input voltage AC70-200V
    输出最大功率Output maximum power 40W
    输出电压 Output voltage DC24V12V9V
    输出电流 Output current 0.1-2A
    效率 Efficiency N75%
    短路保护 Short circuit protection


    Long-term short circuit, automatic recovery after elimination

    过压保护 Overvoltage protection 300V ±20%
    输入端耐压 Input terminal withstand voltage 2kV 2S
    外壳材料 Sheathing material 金属Metal
    封装材料 Encapsulation material 环氧树脂Epoxy
    防水等级 Waterproof grade IP68
    指示灯 Indicator light 红光Red
    接线方式 Connection mode


    Two shielded wires at the input port, one 2 x 1 shielded wire at the output port

    If consulted or order , we should to know below :

    What is the minimum ampere requirement on the main line for the CT ?

    For the module,  12VDC  OR 24VDC?

    What is the inner size of CT?

    energying current ctpower current protection ct

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