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    Product Description

    LZDK series epoxy resin current transformer have been designed with high capacity and precision for heavy current. Specially, it is used for 2 cores double ratio.  Split-core design could be easily install. Directly install on the connected cable. Should know that the secondary winding can not be open-circuited in service.The flame-retardant plastic housing, protected from moisture, stable in performance, and require no maintenance.


    1. The structure of split-core, easily to install
    2. Primary Current : 300A up to 12000A.
    3. Accuracy Class: 0.2S,0.2,0.5S, 0.5, 1
    4.     Capacity:   0-60VA
    5. Installation : big cables or bus-bar available
    6. Isolated plastic case recognized according to UL94-V0


    LMDK split-core current transformer models:

    LMDK1 -inner hole size 50*80mm

    LMDK2-inner hole size 130*80mm

    LMDK3-inner hole size 100*165mm


    Outline Dimension drawing(in mm )


    lmdk1 ct 1lmdk1 ct 2


    lmdk2 ct 1lmdk2 ct 2


    lmdk3 ct 1lmdk3 ct 2


    Zhikai ,we own one strong R&D and QC team continues to innovate new solutions for customers in the area of Smart Grid Industry all covering distribution, Saving&Protecting&Metering Electicty, and Power System.




    Note: The current Ratio above are common type, other specifications can be provided according to customers’ requirements.



    1) Current measurement, monitoring and protection for electrical wiring and equipment.

    2) Current and power measurement for electric motors, lighting, air compressor, heating and ventilation system, air-condition equipment and automation – control system.

    3) Current, power and energy monitoring device.

    4) Relay protection device.


    Why choose us?

    1. Cores all is produced by ourselves, and to test the performance of core. High accuracy split core ct of finished product will be test by instrument transformer calibrator. If find defective if can be rework , will be rework, if not as wasters.
    2. We own one strong R&D and QC team,and 100%quality inspection is performed before delivery.
    3. Have the ability to do OEM/ODM to meet clients’ requirements.
    4. Zhikai has been making iron core for more than 22 years; has been making CTs in China for 12 years.

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