Current Transformer 333mV Output

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    Product Description

    Current Transformer 333mV Output can convert a large value of primary current into a smaller value of secondary current by a certain ratio, which can be used for protection, measurement, etc. Its structure is fully enclosed, and it has the advantages of good mechanical properties, high corrosion resistance, strong voltage isolation, and easy vertical installation. It uses special grade resin, which takes up little space, and it is equipped with open mounting holes for easy and time-saving installation.



    Current Transformer 333mV Output has low power consumption and high precision silicon steel core. It has good product resistance to tension and stronger resistance to drops and freezing. It is also dust-proof, and lightweight in structure. Its wide applications include current and power measurement for electric motors, lighting, air compressor, heating and ventilation system, air-condition equipment, etc.


    Basic Information

    1. Work voltage: 660V

    2. Work temperature:-25°C~ +60°C

    3. Storage temperature:-30°C~ +90°C

    4. Frequency range:50Hz~ 60Hz

    5. Dielectric strength:3.5KV 50Hz 1min


    Outline size diagram (in mm):

    current transformer 333mv output



    Model Inner diameter Rated input / Rated output
    LMCK-10 10mm 1-75A / 0.333V
    LMCK-16 16mm 100-200A / 0.333V
    LMCK-24 24mm 100-400A / 0.333V
    LMCK-36 36mm 300-600A / 0.333V
    LMCK-50 50mm 300-1000A / 0.333V

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