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    Product Description:

    Power transformer is specifically measure current and power transmission lines of special transformers. According to measurement accuracy class requirements, can choose a different soft magnetic materials as core. Silicon steel sheet cutting core is the lower lost than the amorphous core.



    1. The higher permeability core
    2. the higher the measurement accuracy toroidal iron cores
    3. Ferrite cores



     OEM designs are available for satisfying your unique need.

    Dimension of cores can be adjusted freely according to customer’s requirements.


    Measuring Current Transformer Substation Power Cores. .

    At present the greatest amount of core material is cold-rolled silicon steel, glass and nano-crystalline alloy Mo alloy toroidal iron core.

    Silicon steel sheet iron core is pure iron in the addition of a small amount of silicon (generally less than 4.5%) formed by the ferro-silicon alloy known as silicon steel.

    In recent years, high-precision level (such as the 0.2, 0.2S class, 0.5S level) of the transformer demand is increasing rapidly. When asked to become more than a small, low-security turns, or the core size due to volume requirements restricted circumstances, the grain oriented cold rolled silicon steel sheet meet the requirements.



    Corrosion preventive paper, then to carton (inside) , steel belt, wooden or plastic pallet (outside) , is suitable for long sea transportation.


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