What is the meaning of zero sequence current transformer and what is the difference between it and ordinary current transformer

The basic principle is the same as the common transformer du. The main differences are:

   1. The method of use is different. The dao zero sequence current transformer is used to detect the zero sequence current. Generally, all three live wires are passed through the inner hole of the transformer, and the vector sum of the three-phase current is measured, which is the zero sequence current.

  2. The characteristics of the zero sequence current determine that under normal conditions, the primary current of the zero sequence transformer is very small, but under abnormal conditions, the zero sequence current will also be large. This requires a wide measuring range of the zero sequence current transformer. Therefore, the zero sequence transformer usually allows a larger multiple of overload, and the overload capacity is reflected by the “accurate limit factor”.

  3. Since the zero-sequence transformer usually passes through three live wires, the inner hole of the zero-sequence transformer is relatively large under the same primary current. “Inner hole diameter” is an important indicator of zero-sequence transformer, and it should be noted when ordering.

  4, the accuracy level is low.


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