What are the classification of current transformer?


Introduction:   Transformers are also widely used in life, but we don’t know much about them. Today, we will take you to know about current transformers, and have a look at the classification of current transformers and the parameters of current transformers.


1. According to the purpose, it is divided into: protective and measurement current transformer.    measuring current transformer and protection ct with power current .


When measuring the high current of ac, them measuring current transformer can be used to easily convert the measured current into a relatively uniform current, so that there is a certain standard.  Moreover, it is very dangerous to directly measure the current and voltage on the line, so the use of current transformer can solve this dangerous problem well, and it plays a good role of electrical isolation.


Generally speaking, the current transformer for protection ct with power current  is used together with the relay device. When there is some fault of the line such as pier road, the relay device will send a certain signal, so as to cut off the circuit and protect the power supply system.  The effective working current of the transformer for protection will run normally only when it is several or dozens of times larger than the normal current.  Because of these functions, the transformer for protection should have good insulation and thermal stability.  


2. According to the installation method, it can be divided into: pillar current transformer, bushing current transformer such as 5p20 pushing ct, busbar type current transformer and split core current transformer.


3. According to the insulation medium, it can be divided into: dry current transformer, gas insulated current transformer, oil-immersed current transformer and epoxy resin current transformer。


4. According to the principle, it is divided into :electronical current transformer and electromagnetic current transformer.  

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