The difference between current transformer and current sensor

  Many customers asked me what is the difference between a current transformer and a current sensor, I will talk about the difference between them here

  The principle of current sensor and current transformer is the same, and strictly speaking, current transformer is a kind of current sensor, which refers to the device that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to change the current value.

However, people usually take the current transformer separately from the current sensor. Because it is a passive device, it does not need a power supply, while other current sensors are active devices and generally require a power supply, such as a Hall current sensor, which usually has a single power supply. Or dual power supply work.

   Secondly, generally speaking, when measuring alternating current, the accuracy of the current transformer is higher than that of the active current sensor.

   Current transformers can only detect AC, while active current sensors can detect AC or DC.


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