The characteristics and use occasions of open current transformer

   As my country and various enterprises pay attention to energy management, government buildings, corporate factories, office buildings, etc. that have been built everywhere have begun to install and install energy management systems. Electricity consumption occupies a large proportion of all energy consumption, so electricity consumption monitoring plays an important role in energy consumption management.

   Electricity consumption monitoring is generally used in conjunction with electric energy meters and transformers. In the renovation project, it is recommended to use rail-type electric energy meters for the convenience of equipment. For current transformers, open-ended current transformers are preferred.

The open current transformer is mainly used in the transformation projects of the urban and rural power grids in the industry. The equipment is convenient, and there is no need to dismantle the busbar once, and it can also be operated with electricity. It does not affect the customer’s normal electricity consumption. It saves manpower, material and financial resources for the user’s transformation project, and improves efficiency . This series of current transformers can be used in conjunction with relay maintenance, measurement and metering equipment.


   1. Before opening the current transformer equipment, connect its secondary to the electric meter (or other measuring equipment) to ensure that the secondary transformer is not open;

   2. Put all the open current transformers connected to the secondary line on site and wait for the equipment;

  3. If the primary bus on the site is a cable, live equipment can be used; if the primary bus is a copper bar, the live operation requires a relatively high level of proficiency for the operator, and insulation protection methods are required;

  4. When equipment transformers, no foreign matter such as impurities and dust should fall into the cut surface of the iron core to avoid affecting the performance of the transformers.


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