The specific application of zero-sequence current protection can be three-phase line with a current transformer (CT) , or three-phase wire through a zero-sequence CT, can also be neutral line n on the installation of a zero-sequence CT, using these C.

T to detect the three-phase current vector sum, that is, zero sequence current Io, IA + IB + IC = Io, when the line connected to the three-phase load is fully balanced (no grounding fault, and do not take into account the line, electrical equipment leakage current) , IO = 0; When the three-phase load on the line is unbalanced, io = IN, the zero-sequence current is unbalanced IN, when a single-phase-to-ground fault occurs, a single-phase-to-ground fault current ID is generated, and the zero-sequence current io = IN + ID is detected, is the vector sum of unbalanced three-phase current and single-phase grounding current.

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