The current transformer manufacturer tells you that there are many reasons for burning

   There are many reasons for the burning of current transformers. As long as the root cause is found, the right medicine can be prescribed and countermeasures can be taken in time. The editor of our company will share with you these measures below.

   1. Install circuit breakers to prevent branch faults from affecting the entire line of power outages, especially to ensure that the branch circuit breakers can be reliably tripped.

  2. Connect the current transformer to the back of the circuit breaker to ensure that the circuit breaker and arrester act correctly to remove the fault when the transformer fails.

  3. Strengthen the high-voltage insulation test of current transformers and arresters for users, find the insulation aging degree of transformers and arresters as early as possible, and replace them in time to avoid the occurrence of power outages caused by burnout of transformers.

  4. In addition, users must be cleaned regularly to reduce pollution and avoid insulation reduction.

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