The opening and closing type transformer is not restricted by whether the cable is laid or not. The installation method is as follows:

  1. Remove the connecting clamps of the transformers “K1ˊ” and “K2ˊ”.

   Note: There is no requirement for circular transformer.

  2. Loosen and remove the two hexagon socket bolts on the top of the transformer, and then split the transformer into two parts.

   Note: For the circular transformer, the fastening screws on both sides are loosened and removed.

3. Put the transformer on the cable, wipe the contact surface clean, apply a thin layer of anti-rust oil, align the two parts of the transformer and screw on the hexagon socket bolts (fastening screws on both sides), the two transformers Part should be aligned, otherwise it will affect performance.

  4. Fix the connecting piece on “K1ˊ” and “K2ˊ” (the circular transformer does not have this requirement).

  5. When the transformer with inner hole ﹥120mm is installed horizontally, please add a non-magnetic bracket.

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