The low-voltage double-winding current transformer, as the acquisition element of monitoring current in low-voltage distribution system, has two windings, one (1S1,1S2) is used for ammeter indication, the rated secondary current is AC5A or Ac1a, and the other (2S1,2S2) is used for remote transmission and telemetry, it can be used with ARTU-M32 telemetry unit of remote monitoring and control field signal and industrial equipment, and the rated secondary current is AC0-20MA. 

It can also be used in motor protection circuit, but the overload current of current protection circuit is 5-8 times, so ensure the linearity of low-voltage double-winding current transformer to 8 times, and the current at 8 times, can ensure the error of double-winding current transformer is 0.2-0.5% .

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