Accurate measurement of full point of current transformer

   Current transformer is the measurement and calculation of the current of a small current transformer due to the excessive magnetic flux density of the iron core. The original side leads the way, and the current is introduced from the secondary aluminum side to measure the current on the secondary side winding. Due to the original lead of the small current transformer, there is no practical effect of demagnetization of the original current, and the iron core is very easy to be full under the practical effect of not large current. Therefore, the photocurrent characteristic experiment does not necessarily add a very large amount of current.

   In the whole process of use, to prevent the current transformer from burning, the main switch is to install the disconnect switch to prevent the branch system from reaching the power failure of the road, especially to ensure that the branch disconnect switch can be strong and trip. Then lead the current transformer to the back of the divider switch to ensure that the divider switch and the high-voltage arrester are properly posture to remove the problem when the voltage transformer is faulty.

  Secondly, improve the customer’s current transformer and high-voltage arrester high-voltage insulation layer experiment, detect the embrittlement of the voltage transformer and the high-voltage arrester insulation layer as soon as possible, and immediately change it to prevent the display of the voltage transformer from burning out and causing a power failure. It is to clean the customer’s equipment regularly to reduce environmental pollution and prevent the insulation layer from lowering.

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