About the installation requirements of open-close current transformers

  In the normal use of the open-close current transformer, everyone should install it in accordance with the technical requirements such as the manual.

   1. Construct according to the drawing, the wiring is correct, the numbered labels at both ends of the wire should be clear, and the label range meets the specified requirements.

  2. The current and voltage circuits should be grounded at the outlet on the secondary side of the transformer. The voltage circuit should be protected by a fuse.

  4. There should be no joints in the secondary circuit wires in the screen cabinet, and no joints in the middle of the control cables or wires. If there is a connector, it should be connected through its long junction box.

   5. The secondary circuit of the open-close current transformer should be well insulated to the ground, and there should be no mixed lines between the voltage circuit and the current circuit.

  6. The placement of the secondary circuit wires should be beautifully designed, the wires and the electrical components and the connection screws of the junction box should be free of looseness, and the spacing of the wire binding points should meet the specified requirements.

  7. It cannot be inverted, and the phase sequence and phase difference should meet the requirements of design and regulations. Regarding the transformer wiring of the differential protection, the phasor diagram of the two arms must be measured before putting it into operation to verify the correctness of the wiring.

   8. Copper wires should be used for secondary loop wires or cables. The cross section of the return line of the open-close current transformer shall not be less than 2.5mm2, and the cross section of the return line of the voltage transformer shall not be less than 1.5mm. The secondary winding should be short-circuited and grounded at the terminal board.

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